K Series

Fully automatic in-house recycling

EREMA K systems – continuous automatic pelletising systems – prove their merits daily around the world when recycling edge trim.These compact systems work fully automatically with extremely low specific energy consumption and without any additional labour requirements. 100 % of the pellets produced are put back into the production process.

Fully automatic edge trim system

  • Automatic feeding of edge trim direct via pipes and cyclone
  • Feeding options can be combined and increase flexibility
  • The fully automatic control system adjusts throughput continuously according to the varying amounts of edge trim
  • The edge trim control switches the extruder, pelletiser and cutter compactor to standby mode if there is not enough edge trim

High-quality end product

  • First-class material properties retained thanks to careful processing
  • Silo-compatible free-flowing pellets
  • Up to 100% of pellets returned to the production process
Erema K

Erema K