Recycling lumps, fibres, tapes, parts from the automotive industry and much more.

The patented COAX® system stands out through the coaxialconfiguration of a single-shaft shredder and extruder. The single-shaft shredder and extruder are operated using only one shared drive system – simple and ingenious. This system is ideal for processing production waste in the form of large-volume, non-shredded material portions such as PP tape piles, PP fibre bales, PA non-wovens, PP raffia, lumps, crates, ropes, piping parts, automotive parts and much more.

The patented double pusher system

  • The single-shaft shredder of the COAX® features a double pusher system.
  • The intake angle on the rotor is adjusted according to material type and its properties. This enables the processing of heavy, well flowing and self-feeding materials and also lightweight, bulky materials and highly tear-resistant materials such as fibres and tapes.
  • The touch screen is used for recipe administration for different materials. Processing parameters can be changed at the press of a button.

The conical intersection

  • The patented spiral conveyor groove fills the conical intersection from the single-shaft shredder to the extruder. Working together with the double pusher system, this ensures continuous and uniform filling of the extruder.
  • Thanks to the compacting of the material and the reduction of oxygen in this intersection the material has very low degradation.

Erema Coax®